To engage RANDY, your Artificial Intelligence Texting Assistant, you must send yourself a text from here. Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number with no space, dash or symbol, just the numbers. Then click SEND TEXT.
x These are optional, but recommended: Please add your ZIP, EMAIL, and FIRST NAME so that RANDY can hold a better and more informative conversation with you.
Hello Filmmaker. I am RANDY, your Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant. How my I help you? Reply: LOCATIONS, PERMITS, CREW, TAX. https://aitx.io/x/h/2 *RANDY Disclaimers: Msg/mo varies. Standard txt and data rates may apply. Send HELP 4help, STOP 2end. This session expires in 4 hours. Thanks for using RANDY.
When you SEND TEXT to RANDY, you will start a texting conversation between YOU (a human) and RANDY (a computer: RANDY will be your Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant). The back and forth texting is between YOU and RANDY. There will be no other humans involvement until YOU request that RANDY brings another person (e.g. an Agent or Showing Representative) into the conversation.

for Filmmakers

Hello Filmmaker. Welcome to the all-new HOLLYWOOD BY TEXT platform, powered by RANDY® Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant. Through texting on your smartphone, you can engage RANDY® any time, 24/7, and RANDY® can help with film locations, film permits, States tax credits, and other information you need now to make informed production decisions.

for Communities

Your Property in a Starring Role. You can list your residential or commercial property with HOLLYWOOD BY TEXT so that production teams and location scouts can consider your property for future film locations. Do you provide products and services that can serve Hollywood? RANDY® can help you add your products and services as RESOURCES.

Film LOCATIONS - Whatever location you have in mind, it can be found in California. RANDY will help you search for a diverse range of California film locations. RANDY can also connect you with local film commissions and professional location scouts if you so select.
Film PERMITS - Many productions get into legal trouble because they fail to pull the right and appropriate permits for their projects. RANDY will guide you through the permitting process and will even connect you with the appropriate commissioner for your production area.
Film TAX CREDITS - The California Film Commission administers the Film & Television Tax Credit Program, which provides tax credits based on qualified expenditures for eligible productions that are produced in California. RANDY will guide you through the Tax Credit.
Film PRODUCTION is very time-consuming and always in ''urgency mode.'' Getting information in a timely manner is high-priority for filmmakers. RANDY, your Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant will help get the information and connections you need.
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